Tahu Isi (Indonesian fried Stuffed Tofu)

– 1 block of tofu diagonally cut and deep fried, make hole manually with spoon, set aside.
– 50gr carrot cut into jullian
– 50gr bean sprout
– 2 spring onions sliced
– 3 garlic minced
– 2 shallots minced
– Pepper
– Salt
– Oil for deep frying

Batter for the Tofu:
– 1/2 cup rice flour
– Salt
– Pepper
– Water

– Heat little bit oil in a pan, add shallot and garlic when the oil is hot.
– Add carrot stir until carrot is softed.
– Add the rest of ingredients and stir thoroughly.
– Adjust seasoning to your liking.
– Fill the tofu with the filling.
– Mix all batter ingredients.
– Heat oil for deep frying in a pan.
– Dip tofu one by one in batter mixture.
– Deep fry until golden brown.
– Eat warm with bird’s eye chili or sambal sauce.


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